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Little Andaman

Southern India tapas and cocktails

OFFERING: Fresh, light and healthy tapas and small portions for
sharing, inspired by the cuisine of the coastal provinces of southern
India, with vegetarian, vegan and celiac options. Classic cocktails with
an exotic touch, such as the Mumbai Mule, to drink before, during or
after lunch or dinner, at the table or at the bar area. HIGHLIGHT: A
restaurant and lounge bar, the fourth project from the Bembì Group,
inviting you to discover Indian cuisine like never before experienced
in Barcelona. INTERIOR: The space is divided into separate areas,
the designers, Motel Studio avoided clichés to create a beautiful and
modern interior with a covered terrace outside. RECOMMENDED:
Try the Chicken 65 or the Coconut Vegetable Stir Fry served in a rice
crepe. The set-menu served on weekdays from 1PM to 4PM,
with different dishes added daily including a tapa, naan bread
freshly baked in the tandoor oven, basmati rice, yellow lentils or other
accompaniments, as well as a main course to choose from, fish,
chicken or vegetables. Tapas tastings. Non-alcoholic cocktails and
homemade soft drinks like tamarind soda. PRICE: 30 Eur.