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Timeless Woman. Designed & Made in Barcelona

PRODUCT: Liah is a women’s fashion brand that explores contemporary ideas of comfort and elegance, with a look that is constructed around its detailing, and the quality of the finishes. Simple garments, in timeless looks, designed without artifice and woven using the best natural fabrics. Sober silhouettes and colour palettes that are easily combined.
HIGHLIGHT: Liah was founded in a weaving factory in La Llacuna, a small town outside Barcelona surrounded by vineyards, olive plantations and almond trees, with a well-established textile tradition. The brand’s collections are imbued with this natural environment and the many years of experience of its founders.
RECOMMENDED: Visiting the firm’s new showroom you will find cashmere-silk garments that feel like a soft second skin, as well as jerseys, cardigans and accessories in extra-fine merino wool and other mixtures such as extra kid mohair and natural silk, the highest quality basic elements for everyday wear.

  • C. Rector Ubach, 45

    08021 Sant Gervasi-Galvany


    T. +34 93 684 55 15

  • FGC Muntaner
  • Mon–Fri: 10am–2pm + 4pm–8pm
  • info@liah.cat
  • www.liah.cat