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La Pharmacie Française

French parapharmacy, perfumes and cosmetics

PRODUCT: Providing a new concept of beauty and health in Barcelona:
the best of French parapharmacy, perfumes and cosmetics. Favourite
brands such as Fragonard, La Rosée, Fer à Cheval and Gamarde,
together with better known ones such as La Roche-Posay, Caudalie
and Esthederm. HIGHLIGHT: First conceived when Dr. Radka Středová
and her daughter Adéla Chauville Středová combined their knowledge
of dermatology, devotion to products and French je ne sais quoi, with
a passionate obsession for historical Parisian pharmacies. INTERIOR:
Inspired by these very places, a welcoming space, designed by
Adéla herself, where the professional staff are on hand to help you
choose, advise on daily skin care and recommend the perfect gift.
RECOMMENDED: To enjoy cosmetics, it’s always important to try them
out, the formulations must be suitable not only based on their composition,
but also for texture and smell. “Pharmaceutical preparations also
have another advantage. Apart from its specially formulated creations,
prices are very affordable and so everyone can take care of themselves
using specific products,” adds Dr. Radka.