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La Mallorquina

Textiles for the home

PRODUCT: Fabrics for bed, table, kitchen and bathroom, homeware, accessories and decorative items, small furniture, mattresses, carpets and custom curtains as well an upholstery service. Three own collections are presented every season reflecting current trends, as well as a timeless collection of basics in a wide variety of plain colours. HIGHLIGHT: Founded in 1947, currently La Mallorquina has stores in Barcelona, Badalona, Mataró, Reus, Viladecans, Cairo and Riyadh. Committed to good quality products at the best prices, the brand explores other cultures, periods and different lifestyles to inspire customers in the creation of personal ambiences that reflects their own personality. INTERIOR: Attractive and trendy with a functional display, making the shopping experience easy and enjoyable. 1,500 m2 flagship store. RECOMMENDED: This winter, La Mallorquina brings you the essence of Paris with the French-inspired Parisienne collection. Its bright and brilliant colours for the bedroom evoke Champs Ëlysées’s luxury and Art Deco. The kitchen linen collections are designed with flowers and cup patterns that remind us the aroma of coffe so typical of Parisians streets.