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Kokka / Palosanto

Nikkei Bar / Mediterranean & Peruvian cuisine

OFFERING: Located on the ground floor level of C/ Avignó, Palosanto is a tapas restaurant serving Mediterranean and Peruvian cuisine; dishes like the marinated tuna tacos with soybean sprouts or the pork cheeks cooked at a low temperature over 36 hours served with truffled purée; and a wine list with numerous Spanish references offering very good value for money. While in the basement Kokka serves nikkei cuisine with sushi and ceviches, dishes like the prawn causa (type of potato salad) with kimchee and coriander; the slices of butterfish served with tartufo (truffle) and lime; or corvina ceviche with yello ají chile. As well as Sashimis, Niguiris, Makis, Ceviches and pisco-based beverages and sakes.
HIGHLIGHT: The Kokka bar format, where the entire kitchen as such is simply a searing plate, means that all of the dishes are prepared freshly in front of the diner, resulting in a culinary spectacle. The gastronomic formula of Palosanto on the other hand, quality ingredients and characterful, and its location, on the George Orwell Plaza, have made it popular with foodies visiting the Gótic Quarter.
INTERIOR: Kokka is more lounge and intimate while Palosanto is urban and modern.
PRICE: Palosanto: 25-35 Eur. Kokka: 30-35 Eur.