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Ikibana Paralelo

Japanese & Brazilian fusion

OFFERING: a gastronomic tour through the cultures of Brazil and Japan where diners will discover the flavours, textures and original culinary techniques of each country, fused together in such a way as to respect the meticulous Japanese technique and the tastes and colours of indigenous Brazilian produce.
HIGHLIGHT: Ikibana Paralelo is a restaurant that is guaranteed to surprise, from its elaborate and highly innovative interior to its sophisticated and beautifully presented food right down to the uniforms of the waiters and barmen. There is also Ikibana Born, located adjacent to the new Borne CC., and they recently opened Ikibana in Sarrià.
INTERIOR: designed by El Equipo Creativo. The restaurant is conceived as a sinuous landscape caught between man made islands, where the bars and the tables are laid out organically and which make up the dining areas, colourful hollowed out boats.
RECOMMENDED: the various tasting menu options and their innovative selection of cocktails. From the menu: Makis (Hokkai, Bruce Lee, Copacabana); Wild Alaskan Guindara Cod and Kobe style Wagyu Sirloin Beef Steak.
PRICE: between 25 to 40 Eur.

  • Av. Paral·lel, 148

    08015 Sant Antoni - Poble Sec


    T. T. +34 93 424 46 48

  • L3 Poble Sec
  • Mon-Thu: 1pm - 4pm + 8pm - 1am
    Drinks until:
    Mon-Thu: 2am Fri–Sun: 3am
  • www.ikibana.com