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GROHE Live! Center

Premium taps

PRODUCT: Grohe is a leading German company specialising in high quality taps. Offering four different product ranges: Grohe Spa, shower cabins fitted with ambient lighting, music and steam options; The Performance and Premium range of taps; Grohe Pro, a wide ranging and technical series of products designed for public and semi-public spaces. And finally the Grohe range of taps for the kitchen. HIGHLIGHT: the showroom is an information centre which also includes a training area and updated exhibition space. Customers can source and try out for themselves a selection of fittings featuring all styles and product ranges. INTERIOR: over 500 sq.m. of showroom offering the chance to explore the variety of ranges of the brand. Interior designer Carmen Baselga has produced an open, clear and distinctive space which includes ideas for a variety of different lifestyles. The aim is that each of the exhibition spaces should reflect the intimacy and privacy of the bathroom as well as providing a sense of openness and interaction with other parts of the showroom. RECOMMENDED: the F-Digital Deluxe showers which can transform your daily shower into an authentic SPA (with built-in lights, music, steam). For tap fittings, the Allure Brilliant series, which features a unique opening allowing the water to flow in a cascade. For kitchens, two unique and innovative products, the Grohe Blue systems provide filtered water straight from the kitchen faucet and the Minta Touch range of taps, a revolutionary system that operates with just one touch.

  • Avenida de Sarrià, 106

    08017 Les Corts


    T. +93 336 88 50

  • L3 Les Corts
  • Mon-Fri: 10AM – 8PM Sat: 10AM – 2PM
  • www.grohe.es