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It Reminds Me Of Something

Products and objects with authentic stories

PRODUCT: Exclusive design pieces hand made using diverse materials by local and international craftsmen and women such as Lusesita, Minji Jung, Apparatu, Berta Sumpsi, Brucc, Matteo Zorzenoni, Zaven and Lalula amongst many others. HIGHLIGHT: featuring artists who not only design but produce their own work, whether by hand or are deeply involved with the manufacturing process. Stocking an impressive selection of design pieces made by hand in a range of materials: ceramic, wood, metal, glass, leather, etc.. Each of the pieces is accompanied by explanatory information, detailing the author and the creative process behind the work. Limited edition pieces created with great care and the stories connected with them. INTERIOR: the shop/gallery is conceived as a simple space where the human hand is celebrated. Clean white lines predominate where the furniture and display cases compliment rather than compete with the design and craft objects on sale. Nothing is permanently installed, all the elements are moveable allowing for a flexible layout depending on the requirements of the exhibitions and display. The interior design project and concept was undertaken by Claudia Oliva and Monica de Moya using mostly hand made elements. RECOMMENDED: The wooden pieces by Brucc, works by the artistic collective “Something Good” (metal, glass and wood), the latest leather accessories by Keepme and the new works by Jean Briac in stone.