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Etnia Barcelona

Eyewear Culture

PRODUCT: The complete Etnia Barcelona eye-wear collections: Originals, Vintage, Advance and capsule collections that the brand has made with artists from the world of art and photography such as Nobuyoshi Araki, Steve McCurry and Jean Michel Basquiat. There’s also a special collection that can only be purchased in the store and a number of selected books by the artists who have inspired the brand.
HIGHLGHT: First ever shop of Etnia Barcelona housed in an emblematic 7 storey building in the Born, next to the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar. 800 sq.m. over 2 floors dedicated to the shop and 5 floors for the workshop, showrooms, display areas showing the brand’s background, exhibitions with limited collections, a private space for the team and a stunning terrace.
INTERIOR: 100% Barcelona, the building is reminiscent of a typical apartment in the Eixample neighbourhood with its hydraulic ceramic and oak floors, colourful tiles, Catalan vaulted ceilings and industrial elements like the cast iron columns. Interior design project by the renowned Lázaro Rosa Violán.
RECOMMNEDED: #BeAnartist be part of it!

  • C. de l’Espaseria, 1-3 Plaça de Santa Maria del Mar

    08003 Barcelona Born


    T. +34 93 018 66 14

  • L4 Jaume I
  • Mon–Sat: 10am–9.30pm
    Fri–Sat: 10am–10pm
  • www.etniabarcelona.com