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Cristina Castañer

Castañer since 1927. The original fashion espadrilles

PRODUCT: The latest fashion in espadrilles and shoes for men and women, bags, hats, foulards and all sorts of other accessories. HIGHLIGHT: During the 1970s Yves Saint Laurent asked Castañer to add a wedge to the classic espadrille, thus reinventing and converting the wedge espadrille into a high-fashion item. Since then their espadrilles have been included within the collections of the leading fashion houses season after season making them an essential element in the wardrobes around the world. INTERIOR: The interior design is the result of a fusion of concepts from the owner Cristina Castañer and architect Benedetta Tagliabue, inspired by the Mediterranean Sea and Barcelona. The flooring combines ceramic tiles and natural wood which traces an espadrille together with its ribbons. RECOMMEDNED: Cristina Castañer is not only espadrilles. Go to the shop to discover the wide ranging offering of all types and possibilities of trendy foot wear. Or visit the online shop, ready to attend to the needs of customers in any corner of the world.