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Chic&Basic Born

• Category: 3 stars
• Roomss: 31 rooms (XL, L y M)
• Location: the old Born neighbourhood could be described att he city’s most bohemian and is situated minutes from the shopping heart of Bracleona.
• Design: the hotel is accommodated within a one hundred year old building with high ceilings and all the features of a Modernista period residence typical of its time; many of the original details can be still appreciated, the fluid lines of the staircase; the interior design by Studio In for this fascinating project that allows guests to organise the room according to their own taste choosing from different coloured lighting, layout, musical selection etc. etc.…: the guest decide. According to the hotels philosphy highkly chic but Basic.
• Highlights: several different zones to choose from within the hotel depending on your preference: loveyourself (gym+relax), beyourself (zona común) and helpyourself (minicatering).