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Specialists in gourmet doughnuts (Chöks) and chocolate cuisine

OFFERING: Chöks (variant of chocolate doughnuts), cronuts and filled doughnuts. Coffee, hot chocolate drinks, the entire Lindt range of chocolates and gourmet quality sweets/candy. HIGHLIGHT: Chök is primarily dedicated to the promotion of chocolate in day-to-day cooking. The concept has also inspired the creation of the eponymous Chöks, the main product sold here. A type of doughnut with a coating of chocolate and other gourmet fillings and toppings such as natural pistachio and freeze-dried fruits. Known by its customers as a doughnut jewelry shop. Other products have also been developed along these lines; sweets, home made pastries and educational workshops and demonstrations that are aimed at teaching people about the imaginative gastronomic use of chocolate in the kitchen. Has anyone ever tried marmitako served with chocolate?? INTERIOR: The conceptualization and the construction of the interior design project were carried out respectively by gac3000 and Insight who have managed to combine a listed Modernisme (Catalan Art Nouveau) style chocolate factory with a modern and functional shop. RECOMMENDED: The Chöks and potato chips served with melting chocolate over. PRICE: 2 - 5 Eur.