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Café San Telmo

A classic for enjoying at any time of the day

OFFERING: A wide and varied menu of breakfasts and snacks, cold pressed juices for the more health conscious, tapas and gourmet sandwiches, eco-friendly and healthy dishes, ecological meat burgers, pastas and rice dishes as well as homemade desserts, to savour non stop at any time of the day. Everything here tastes of the Mediterranean and features fresh and seasonal products, almost entirely locally sourced.
HIGHLIGHT: Since opening in 2006 Café San Telmo has established itself as the place to start the day with its generous breakfasts, and its nutritionally balanced lunches, becoming a favourite hangout for happy-hour, dinners and cocktails, enveloping its clientele in an festive party ambience.
INTERIOR: created by the renowned Tarruella Trenchs Studio. An elegant cafe-restaurant with a very New York ambience, located on a prominent corner of Av. Diagonal. Its huge windows flood the place with day light and welcome customers to contemplate the hustle and bustle of the city outside.
RECOMMENDED: Savour a Gin&Tonic, Café San Telmo was one of the first places to introduce the craze with more than 100 Gins.
PRICE: 20 – 30 Eur.