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Café Kafka

Contemporary Bistrot

INTERIOR: designed by Yolanda Vilalta & Helena Jaumá. Mixing styles, vintage recycled furniture like the Sputnik 1950s lamp sitting alongside more contemporary pieces. A chic and informal ambience, somewhere between New York cosmopolitan restaurant and Saint Germain bistro.
HIGHLIGHT: long bar counter with collection of lamps and gastronomic selection.
OFFERING: raw material of the highest quality and simple preparation. León Veal; Huelva Iberian Ham; knife cut Tártar; Sirloin served with Red Wine Sauce and Foie Poêlé…
RECOMMENDED: the living shellfish, the Iranian Beluga Caviar “000” or the Russian Imperial Crab Chatka; the Peking DuckKafka Rollsor the Sukiyaki Rice.

  • C. Fusina, 7

    08003 Born


    T. 93 315 17 76

  • L4 - Barceloneta
  • Tue-Wed: 1.30PM-4PM + 8.30PM-12AM
    Thu-Sat: 1.30PM-4PM + 8.30PM-2AM
    Sat: 1.30PM-4PM
  • www.cafekafka.es