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New designers

PRODUCT: Personal selection of local and international independent firms for women, with a marked focus on quality. Working with
emerging talents and conscientious design in clothing, accessories, footwear and jewellery, produced in socially responsible working
conditions, chosen to work in combination. Also cosmetics and publications. And exclusively on the website, proposals for men
from Schnaydermans and his brand. HIGHLIGHT: Owners Pol and Berta only sell clothes they themselves would wear. INTERIOR:
A design collaboration between the designers Cristina Cirera and Mariona Espinet where the rugs, curtains, wood and steel provide
to a magical setting, in a showroom with two different areas. The beige area is occupied by casual fashion and homewear made with natural fibres in soft tones, and the blue area is dedicated to more colourful lines, made with synthetic fabrics. Both represent the
shop’s duality when it comes to dressing, and show what can perfectly coexist together. RECOMMENDED: The Cordera and Bielo
collections, exclusive in Barcelona.

C. Mestre Nicolau, 10 08021 (Sant Gervasi) T. +34 93 200 84 81
LU N–VIE / MON–FRI : 10:30AM–2PM + 4:30PM–8PM