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Restaurant- Art space where food and tea coexist

OFFERING: Breakfasts with organic juices, light and healthy dishes a-la-carte, a fresh and healthy midday lunch menu, vegetarian cuisine, homemade desserts for afternoon teas or coffee or chocolate and of course a wide variety of teas... A covered exterior terrace “La Barra de Fora” (outdoor bar), with a special offering that includes organic juices, with energy and detox options, smoothies, Wheatgrass drinks, healthy sandwiches, wraps de auteur and an unusual selection of snacks. HIGHLIGHT: 400 sq.m. within the heart of the Eixample with a programme of live concerts, exhibitions, dance, opera, mini-theatre and tea workshops. All accompanied with a healthy gastronomic offering and farm-to-table philosophy. A versatile space that changes radically over the course of the day. INTERIOR: Designed by Lázaro Rosa Violán in collaboration with Mario Fradera, the owner and founder of Artte. The space is inspired by a blank canvas where all artistic expressions are acommodated. Lots of natural light, high ceilings, Scandinavian-industrial decor and a New York cocktail bar counter. RECOMMENDED: The new menu inspired by tea and detox juices. PRICE: 35-40 Eur. for dinner, 16 Eur. midday lunch.

  • Muntaner, 83C

    08011 Eixample


    T. +34 93 454 90 48

  • Tue–Wed: 1pm–1am Thu–Sat: 1pm–2am Sun–Mon: closed
  • www.artte.es