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PRODUCT: Fragrances, soaps, gels and cosmetics, all organic and vegan. Scented candles, handmade ceramic pieces (or White Collection), to decorate or perfume rooms, closets and drawers, and natural sponges. HIGHLIGHT: Arquinesia is the result of several trips around the Mediterranean with a stopover in the Balearic lslands, for which its authors are fascinated and in which they found inspiring aromas. ln their olfactory creations they have captured moments of Sea Breeze, Secret Garden, Orange, Fig, Scent of History and Silencio (Silence). Six particular stories of beauty and magnificence. The eaux de parfum and accompanying families are presented with a very careful packaging, which allows you to capture the essences also with the eye, and encourages you to collect them. INTERIOR: Historic and charismatic space, with a suggestive vintage atmosphere, a fragrant wonderland where it seems that one is isolated from the worldly noise. RECOMMENDED: The Sea Breeze summer candle (with eucalyptus, bergamot, ozone, thyme, sage, patchouli, musk and amber notes).

  • C. Princesa, 7

    08003 Born


    T. + 34 616 84 610

  • Jaume I
  • MON-SAT: 11AM-3PM + 4PM-7:3OPM
  • www.arquinesia.com