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Creative Oyster Bar

OFFERING: A surprising oyster tasting experience. Served in their natural state, fresh and chilled; accompanied by champagne gelée; or smoked in a bell jar; steamed with gin, sake, whiskey or vodka; Amélie N2 Spéciale, ponzu, passion fruit and cucumber essence; Amélie N3 Spéciale, red curry and oysterleaf ... An exquisite selection of dishes made with gourmet products of the highest quality complete the Amélie Experience.
HIGHLIGHT: In recent years Huîtres Amélie has become one of the most awarded oyster brands, specialising in the exclusive Marennes-Oléron oysters, the only ones in the world with Protected Designation of Origin status. Its rigorous selection guarantees quality throughout the year. The products include: Fine de Claire, Spéciale de Claire, Special verte de Claire, Pousse en Claire and also offer customised oysters for very special customers.
RECOMMENDED: Trying the Amélie Sensations Tasting or the oysters served in Dashi, a spectacle for the senses. Visit also the Amélie oyster shop and tasting stand in the Boquería Market. PRICE: Amélie Experience: 20-25 Eur.

  • Mercado de La Boquería, La Rambla, 91

    08002 Gòtic


    T. +34 93 481 46 30

  • L3 Liceu
  • Mon–Sat: 8am–8.30pm
  • www.huitresamelie.com