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Natural cosmetics

PRODUCT: A unique selection of beauty products for facial, body and
hair care as well as perfumes in Barcelona, with clean, safe, effective
formulas, not tested on animals and respectful of the planet, supporting
a conscientious and responsible lifestyle that influences beauty.
Brands such as Rassa, Nuori, Mamita Botanical, Cosmic Dealer,
Rulls, Magic Egyptian, Dr. Bronner’s, Vera & The Birds, Aromatica,
Quinque, Axiology, On The Wild Side, Ondo Beauty 36.5, Bastille,
Abel... HIGHLIGHT: Offering the possibility of real-world testing and
up-close examining before buying the ‘indie’ brands that are normally
only available over social networks. INTERIOR: An urban oasis with a
calming vibe that promotes cosmetics as an holistic expression. The
proposal includes fragrances for the home and candles (Bravanariz
and Lepet), utensils for female sexuality and Superlativa’s adaptogenic
plant capsules for feeling good. RECOMMENDED: Discover the facial
treatment cabin, where, while remaining committed to the concept of
clean beauty, they apply products formulated with organically grown,
vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, and techniques such as cryotherapy,
ultrasonic spatula or microdermabrasion.